Technology Consulting

The future of business is powered by technology and harnessed by people.  To thrive, we must focus on outcomes that will make a difference. Through the lens of our industry expertise, we identify and deliver technology solutions with the greatest promise for success.

We are focused to

  • launch the right digital initiatives powered by cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights
  • build the capabilities, processes, and mindsets necessary to sustain a digital advantage
  • deliver immediate value to clients – uncover, incubate, and deliver game-changing digital businesses and products
  • up-skilling and re-skilling digital talent to meet demands
  • promote the awareness of Spanish technology for Indian needs and vice versa
  • Assist Spanish and Indian companies on bilateral technology transfer, licensing, Joint Ventures etc.

Contact Information

91 080 41526640/41

#4, Haudin Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore- 560045.

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