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Need for Indo-Spanish Chamber of Technology

Spain and India have great potential to work together but the Spanish expertise is rather unknown to Indian industry. Hence a centre was required to showcase the existing technologies that would assist companies convert partnership ideas into a reality, making the presence of Spain felt in India and India in Spain. This entity was very much required to help both regions’ technological industries to move forward from ideas to facts.

Spanish and Indian industries especially technological industries are very keen on doing business with each other. The Chamber of technology would have a bigger role and wider range of possibilities in all the areas of technologies. This would also lead to better results.

There are already 9 Chambers of Commerce present in India from European countries from Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Norway. All these Chamber of commerce were created with the same major objective: “To promote the commercial relationship between the two countries, providing assistance to the companies of both countries.” Spain is the 10th  largest importer after Norway to India and 1st without a chamber. . Hence setting up a Chamber of Technology would boost the Indo-Spanish trade, and will help positioning in an upper level, among the previously mentioned 9 countries.