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About Indo-Spanish Chamber of Technology

Indo Spanish Chamber Technology (ISCT) is a private non-profit organization recognised by various Spanish authorities, whose main objective is to promote and enhance trade and economic relations between India and Spain. ISCT is an initiative to promote technologies in various industry sectors between Spain and India. ISCT’is headquartered in Bangalore with a representative office in Barcelona. 
ISCT plays an active role in organizing B2B meetings, seminars, conferences and round tables to promote knowledge sharing between the two countries. The primary focus is technology and knowledge dissemination. It promotes the awareness of Spanish technology for Indian needs and vice versa. It gives assistance to both Spanish and Indian companies on bilateral technology transfer, licensing, Joint Ventures etc. It also coordinates and manages business and institutional delegations, which stimulates both the Spanish and Indian markets.

ISCT also

  • Promotes wider knowledge and understanding of investment opportunities in India: conditions, laws, policies, procedures and incentives pertaining to investment and the infrastructural facilities available in the country
  • Advises and assists Spanish entrepreneurs on opportunities in India in their technology sector
  • Assists in matters pertaining to financial and technical collaborations in India
  • Advise Spanish investors on setting up industrial projects in India by providing information regarding investment environment and opportunities

ISCT acts as a reference point for investment projects and assists Indian and Spanish entrepreneurs in meeting the procedural requirements of project approvals.

As Spanish companies began to invest in India they saw the need of a chamber of commerce as a point of information and orientation to both Indian and Spanish companies. There were and are several difficulties to Spanish companies to enter Indian market, and vice versa:

  • Big cultural gap between Spain and India
  • Lack of contacts
  • Language issues

The main investors in the Indian market are Mauritius, US, European UK, Holland and Germany. Spanish companies are working with India and their presence is not very well known with India yet. Many preconceived notions must be replaced with the real knowledge of both markets/countries. Hence the only way to address this situation was formulating this forum.

With 11 years of working experience in the Spanish market, the need for such an organization was notice; hence a formal organization to promote technology was necessary to be formed. As the saying goes “Union is strength”, co-operating between all the actors interested in the bi-lateral trade would get better results. As a body it will also lobby with the Governments.

We have strong ties with Indian and Spanish sectoral associations, public and governmental bodies and well known personalities within the industrial and local media sectors.

Hence Indo – Spanish Chamber of Technology was created

  • By the industry for the industry
  • Different companies joined to create them
  • Non-profitable and independent character
  • In collaboration with governmental agencies with similar goals

ISCT has a team of qualified honorary professionals that provide ongoing services to companies in order to undertake various business operations, such as outsourcing, global marketing and consultancy, for the successful implementation of joint ventures and strategic alliances and to assist in legal, fiscal and customs issues. It was founded in January 2009. Among the various sectors, the main sectors which are promoted by ISCT which are advantageous to Spain and India are:

  • Renewable energy
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics, IT and telecommunications
  • Railways
  • Machinery
  • Automotive component sector
  • Public works, engineering and management
  • Construction technologies
  • Biotechnology
  • Water treatment